This piece is a tribute to all those who watched my back over the years. The ones who looked out while I did my thing, who accepted my odd self and who ignored haters. Of course the other side of this is that is now my responsibility to watch back for the next generation. It also shows the intricate web of how many of us are cared for and care for each other.

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A collaboration at 72nd and Exchange with Mario Gonzalez Jr and Brazilian artists Rodrigo Level and Gabriel Kieling. Our contribution to a much larger project to cover the walls of South Shore with murals and site specific installations.
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2100 W Bloomingdale @ Milwaulkee. Go to see all the other women who contirubuted to this mural project. It was a chilly night but the love was real and the music was HOT!
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MOS 2013(

Honored and proud to be part of this fantastic event a third time for a third year!

“Lazdins is a storyteller who repurposes old newspapers, journal articles, drawings, cartoons, and publicity materials to give energy, texture, motion, and context to her portraits. “These are all stories,” she says of her paintings, “stories of people I come in contact with and emotions, stories about courage and the voice of the city.” Her subjects are a chorus within a community that speaks its truth in the face of disproportionate power…”

“Amongst Angels Chicago, an exposition of Liz “Beloved” Lazdin’s multimedia spray paint, collage, drawing, and painting works, illuminates the way that grit and vulnerability collide in urban spaces, embodied in key figures from Chicago’s activist and hip hop communities.
Beloved explained some of the impetus behind the show:
“… I just [paint canvases or pieces] to capture a beautiful moment, or to capture something powerful, or I do it to have something to do in the house now that I can’t go out and run around on the trains and write on things. These are all stories, just stories of people I come in contact with, and emotions, and how there are powerful, beautiful things right in front of us…” …stories about courage and the voice of the city. They use multiple media including newspaper stories, journal articles, drawings, cartoons, and publicity material that textures such stories, as they issue forth in a multivocal key…”

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Amongst Angels got a second showing at a lovely pop-up gallery we are calling “Mom & Pops Gallery” on 3313 W Armitage. Thanks so much to all my friends, family and community who came out to show support. You all are my angels. The show will be up until the end of May so feel free to stop by from 5-10pm. Entrance can be gained through Ground Control Restaraunt (3315 W Armitage) and stay for a delicious dinner of vegitarian delights as well as a cold beer. M&P Angels gallery
M&P Angels ppl

SSCC Angels flyer 2013

My first Solo show, Amongst Angels in honor of International Woman’s Month. Seeing all my work all together in one beautiful space was more than I could ever ask for. Warmest thanks to Jack Kirkpatrick, Sergio Gomez and Mario Gonzalez Jr for all their help. I sold one piece and got to meet with many wonderful students and teachers. After the reception I stayed and chatted with several of the art students there, brainstorming with them on some of their ideas and sharing my experiences. And the snacks were delicious.